How to strengthen nerves

There are many tips to follow and pay attention to to strengthen the nerves in the body, and from these tips, get enough rest every day and also can cure any satisfactory problems that may cause dysfunction in the nervous system, such as diabetes, high blood pressure.

In addition, it helps to reduce the intake of drugs that can be purchased without a prescription, excessive use of these drugs cause problems in the nervous system, especially in the elderly. Develop a positive outlook on self-capacity, and not give in to the idea that the nervous system can decline its performance with age.

 To strengthen the nerves, you must exercise regularly to maintain strength and health of the nerves, and exercise should be from 30 minutes to one hour, at least three times a week, preferably to consult a doctor, walking without shoes on the soft grass or beach sand for thirty This helps to transport e-shipments from the ground to the body, to promote physiological changes, and walking without shoes helps to improve heart rate, regulates sleep, reduces stress levels, and improves the mechanism of the nervous system.