How to strengthen your baby's bones

Ways to strengthen your child's bones Encourage him to eat foods that strengthen bone calcium Calcium is very important in the human body especially during puberty, where bone growth is faster than any other period, and puberty is usually between 11-15 years for girls and 12 16 years for boys. Research suggests that children in these age groups do not get enough calcium, so they should be encouraged to eat rich foods. Calcium-rich foods such as milk, cheese, yogurt, canned sardines, green leafy vegetables such as peas, Figs Fave, nuts, seeds, and any subsidized calcium such as soy milk and almond milk food.

Vitamin D helps the body absorb calcium, and health care providers recommend that children should be given vitamin D supplements when they do not have enough food; the Ministry of Health recommends that all infants take vitamin D, and children who eat One liter of baby formula is needed. The milk is already fortified with vitamins. Children aged 6 months and 5 years should be given vitamin A and D vitamins daily, and children over 5 should be given a daily supplement of 10 micrograms of vitamin, winter.

You can also reduce the intake of salt The task of the kidneys is the elimination of excess salt from the body and output through the urine, and this process leads to the flow of calcium with salt, in other words, the more the child's consumption of salt increased the proportion of calcium lost by the body, so it is recommended not to eat canned foods Rich in sodium and less use during cooking

As you exercise, your bones become better the more you rely on them. The body builds stronger bones when exposed to stress, and activities that promote bone strength include walking, running, jumping and climbing. In contrast, there are some other activities that, although beneficial to the health of the body, Do not contribute to strengthening the bones, such as, riding a bike and swimming, and advised to get the child an hour of physical activity every day,
How to strengthen your baby's bones
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