Methods of pregnancy stabilization

There are many ways to stabilize pregnancy and reduce the risk of miscarriage, and whether to quit smoking during pregnancy, and avoid exposure to stress and avoid drinking alcohol or the use of illegal drugs. Maintain the safe position of the pregnant woman's belly, and reduce the intake of caffeine.

You can also make an effort to avoid infections during pregnancy, including measles. Maintain healthy weight before pregnancy, because obesity has a role in increasing the risk of miscarriage, drinking too much water to prevent high temperature or suffering from dehydration. Take care to eat a healthy and balanced diet, including fruits and vegetables at least five parts a day, as well as eggs, milk and dairy products, while avoiding foods that may harm the fetus.

Folic acid should be taken daily. At least 400 micrograms of folic acid should be taken daily to avoid brain and spinal problems in the fetus, preferably starting with folic acid before pregnancy. Exercising regularly, as exercise has a role in promoting a healthy lifestyle, which may help relieve discomfort, while avoiding sports or activities that may increase the risk of injury or falls. Exercising for at least 30 minutes a day, including swimming and walking, may help to facilitate childbirth. The pregnant woman will begin to exercise gradually if she is not used to exercising before pregnancy.

Some women require the nature of their work to be exposed to radiation, especially x-ray, lead, mercury or copper. These materials may be harmful to children, while office jobs are less harmful to the child, and in some cases if Women were prone to premature birth or several problems, which required some rest and bed commitment.