Methods of treatment of face pills

Of the methods of treatment of facial pills, clean the skin well and deep daily using special materials suitable for each skin, as you avoid the use of cosmetics frequently, and maintain personal hygiene in general, to reduce the secretion of sweat.

It is also recommended to use some special detergents containing active substances in the treatment of grain, and the use of grain washing, and the preparation of some home remedies made of natural materials and these are some of these treatments, and is treated with natural materials preparation of facial lotion, add two tablespoons of lemon juice And a tablespoon of coarse salt, and mix them together until the salt dissolves, then the face is completely rubbed and circularized by a wet cotton mixture, and the washing is repeated three times a day until you get the result of disease, and this method helps to get rid of dead cells, The skin is deeply cleansed from any bacteria.

The mixture of milk and honey is combined with three tablespoons of yogurt and a large tablespoon of honey, then mix the ingredients together. Put the mixture on the grain after washing or wash the skin with water. The mixture is used every morning and evening, and the sodium bicarbonate mixture. Sodium bicarbonate, three tablespoons of water, and a teaspoon of natural vinegar. Mix the ingredients together and put them on the cereal with a small cotton wet with solution. Leave for 10 minutes and try twice daily.

The toothpaste mixture can be used. The toothpaste contains silica, an effective disinfectant and sterilizer, which is extracted from the fat of the cows. This substance relieves the skin of the grains, spots and pimples on the skin. The toothpaste is used with a teaspoon of salt Tablespoon of putty, then the material is mixed together and the mixture is placed at night time on the grain only, and the process can be repeated until it is completely cured.