Prevention of hyperactivity

One of the ways to protect your child from the incidence of hyperactivity by: Provide the calm atmosphere of the pregnant mother: A mother who is constantly anxious and unstable environment during pregnancy usually gets her child in this situation, but the mother who keeps her nerves and lives in conditions of stability and calm, It is important to note that cigarettes, sedatives and certain types of drugs used by the pregnant mother often affect the movement and activity of the child. Therefore, the pregnant mother must refrain from smoking and passive smoking (ie inhaling smoke from other smokers) And its appropriate to carry.

Natural childbirth is the best way to prevent a child from many diseases related to his behavior and nerves. Natural childbirth avoids the use of drugs and treatments that may affect the child's central nervous system. It is important to take care of healthy nutrition, food diversification and balance. The child should not eat many foods full of sugars and processed foods and get enough fresh vegetables and fruits, milk products, meat and other appropriate foods according to the child's age.

The child should be given a relaxed and appropriate environment at various stages of his childhood, and should not be deprived of the right to play games that he prefers, but at the same time children should not be left playing violent and hostile games as they increase the problem.