Reasons for Divorce

One of the most important reasons leading to divorce is treason, whether by the husband or the wife, which is one of the most important reasons for the decision to divorce, since marriage must be based on the rules of loyalty and loyalty from the parties to last and continue quietly, if the betrayal occurred from one of the parties shaken The basis of the house and imbalance and the lack of confidence and entered into doubt in the relationship, to develop to the occurrence of major conflicts that end the relationship and kill it completely and be doomed to divorce inevitable.

One of the reasons for the abuse is that the Islamic religion began marriage to achieve tranquility, tranquility and affection between the spouses on the basis of compassion and mutual respect and appreciation; If one of the spouses to deal with abuse or degradation or physical or psychological abuse of the other beating or verbal abuse repeatedly generates a difficult crack And the victim enters a state of depression, hatred, frustration and hatred, then the divorce is the solution to end the suffering.

The financial situation can also become one of the most important factors behind divorce now due to high costs of living, poverty, unemployment and low salaries. Therefore, the inability of the husband to provide for his wife's needs from housing, clothing or food generates endless quarrels between the spouses. Divorce is required, so it is necessary to seek joint between the spouses to secure sources of income suitable to secure the needs of the house and maintain the continuity of married life.

It is also a cause of incompatibility in the special relationship which is one of the factors that bother one or both parties and threaten the continuation of the marital relationship, so it is necessary to treat the reasons that make one or both of them alienated from the other or has no desire to exercise the special relationship.

It is one of the most common reasons for the completion of divorce, especially after long years of marriage, where routine and repetition occur in the atmosphere of married life and there is no renewal or change within it, which generates a sense of boredom and monotony may lead to divorce, so must be performed by the spouses To keep the time of love between them.