Remove viruses from mobile phone

The following steps can be followed for Android phones to remove the virus or malicious application from an Android-powered mobile phone. Restart the phone in safe mode to shut down all programs other than system software. This is done on most devices by pressing the power button on the device. And then press the button on the same button until the option to restart the phone appears in the safe mode, so the device will be restarted, and the safe mode will be at the bottom left of the screen.

 Go to your device settings, go to your app settings, and choose the Apps loaded tab. Search for the malicious application, which may be the last application loaded before problems with the device started. Click on the name of the application when it is found and then press the Delete button.

After you delete the malicious application, the device is restarted to exit the safe mode. Delete viruses from Android phones Cancel management features If the delete button is not available, you must cancel the administration properties before you can delete it by going to Settings, then Security Settings and clicking on the Device Administrators option. Unselect the malicious application and then press the Revoke button to remove the application and restart the device.
Remove viruses from mobile phone
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