The importance of breakfast for the child

 Breakfast is of great importance to the child, as it helps to extend the body of the child energy necessary to exercise during the day, because at night low blood sugar, which is a source of energy for the body to do metabolism, and breakfast to compensate for hypoglycemia.

Breakfast also makes the child feel calm and satisfied during the day and keep him away from nervousness and mood changes. Breakfast helps control weight, reduces hunger during the daytime, and makes the child during the day away from junkies and non-useful desserts, as well as helping the child reduce evening meal.

In addition, breakfast regulates the level of sugar in the blood and makes the body perform better during the day. Children who get a healthy breakfast are better educated than children who do not eat. Breakfast improves metabolism, better health, and greater activity. The mother can encourage the child to have breakfast by asking him what evening or morning he would prefer Eat it for breakfast, and encourage him if he ate his breakfast.