Tips to reduce facial peel

There are some tips that can be used to keep the face from peeling. It is important to take care to use the appropriate sun visor before sun exposure, preferably to renew it every two hours, and if the cause of the crust is the use of a kind of soap must stop using The use of another type does not cause damage to the skin.

Moisturizing creams can be repeated twice a day, morning and evening. Use a special towel and clean the face, and it is good to moisten the towel with warm water and massage the face with light movements to get rid of the crusts and the accumulation of dry skin on the face.

The use of lotion to clean the face is proportional to the type of skin, and should not contain this soap on the composition of sodium sulphate. When using cosmetics on the face must choose the types that do not contain hype and aromatic compounds. It is important to avoid the use of anti-itching or some special anti-inflammatory creams, they are ultimately made up of chemical compounds that cause irritation and facial sensitivity.

It is also possible to make a massage using a moisturizing cream for the skin, so that the cream is placed on the face and massage with the dak areas where the face crust and maintain the moisturizing the face to avoid the appearance of the crust again, and using honey mixed with bananas can make a mask to moisturize the skin, and provide the elements that feed and earn Vitality and sparkle.

Vaseline can be moistened with Vaseline or olive oil, Vaseline treatment dry face and the crust that appear on it, and also has the ability to form a layer on the skin is difficult to remove, which saves the face of the crust, and can instead use olive oil, which has moisturizing substances Face and rid of the crust also.

In addition, it is possible to make a natural peeling made of water and sugar, so that the face wet with water and then taken a small amount of sugar to massage the face for three minutes, and then wash the face with lukewarm water and then cold water, this method must be committed for a month so repeat Twice during the first week, and then this method is followed once a week.

And use the coffee with eggs. In this way, one egg yolk is taken with an appropriate amount of ground coffee. Mix the ingredients so that a soft paste is formed. Then add a quarter of a lemon juice, then put the dough on the face and leave to dry. , Then massage the face with a circular motion once clockwise and again counterclockwise until the facial peel is eliminated, then the face is washed, and it will be noticed that the face has become clear of the peel.