Ways to treat facial swelling

In order to treat facial swelling, cold compresses should be made using cold water, cold milk or cold option to reduce the retention of fluid in the face, taking the appropriate position during sleep, placing the sleeping position on the abdomen to pressure the face and holding the fluid in it, The height is not appropriate.

A face mask of caffeine can also be used for at least 15 minutes by adding caffeine sources such as coffee to a preservative medium such as honey. Use cooled green tea and ice cube shapes. Regular and regular skin cleansing helps reduce skin toxins, which can lead to facial puffiness.

And not to use the cloth is sensitive to itchy skin and allergies, such as allergies and eczema, especially in the sleeping pillow, and is known by experience, they vary from person to person, depending on the nature of his body and response to such irritants, and maintain the skin of the face of drought, and the use of moisturizers and others. Regularly drink plenty of water.