Weaning methods of child staging

In the weaning of the child, and this is done by gradually reducing the amount of milk, if he breastfeed five times a day, should reduce the next day to four, and then two to three and so on, but if the time spent in breastfeeding 30 minutes, for example, should reduce the duration to ten minutes only, It helps the child to get used to it without getting any kind of bad psychological condition.

In addition, the child will be taken out in the hours he nursed into one of the parks or playgrounds for children and spent a great deal of time in order to enjoy the child and forget about breastfeeding.

For example, a mother should cut vegetables and fruits in a beautiful cartoon way. For example, make a dish in the form of a house, a cartoon face, or a landscape of trees and flowers. The dishes are useful and highly nutritious, providing the body with those important elements to build instead of natural milk.

Some older methods used by older women are also used in the weaning process, such as placing an acid such as lemon on the nipple before the baby starts to breastfeed, to discover that the taste is unpalatable, leading to a distance from natural milk on its own, and other natural substances Which are placed on the breast.