Why the child puts his hand in his mouth

The child puts his hand in his mouth. When the child begins to discover parts of his body, the more your child grows, the more you learn, the more you want to explore, and the more you discover all the new parts of his body, one part of his body. The new is to explore his hand, every time you look at him you might see him sitting there while looking at his hand or putting it near his mouth.

He also puts it down when the baby cries when he can not fully insert his hand into his mouth for a while your child will fight and try to introduce that hand all the way in the mouth, but it is likely to fail as his mouth may be smaller than his hand, this can lead to frustration And raise the crying and excitement in your child.

The child's position in his or her mouth indicates that the discovery of the child is normal for all children. This can be a sign of teething. Your child can put his hand in his mouth as a way to calm himself when he is tired. If there is too much liquid saliva, It is likely that your child has started to teething and that his teeth are pressing the gums on bouts. If this bothers you, you may want to try to get your child's teething toy chewed that will help him ignore the gums and put his hand in his mouth.

If your baby starts to put his hand in his mouth, and then finds out that he has not inserted his entire hand and just inserted his thumb or two fingers, it means that your child has found a way to help calm himself down. Because that means you may have some time to take care of other things that do not concern a child who is running all your time.

In most cases, if your child does not crawl and move in an unhealthy or outdoor environment, you do not need to be afraid of illness, and you do not have to worry about cleaning your child's teeth regularly if you continue Clean your shelves with a vacuum cleaner and keep your house clean. There should not be anything on the ground that can take it because the first place it will put it is in the mouth so leave your child on the floor and do not leave anything that could hurt your child, if you Really think that putting his hand in his mouth is bad, wait until he discovers his foot!