Benefits of computer networks

Of the benefits of computer networks, Anja is one of the most inventive advances in the world, because of its fast and easy data and data exchange solutions, and the benefits of countless networks, connecting expensive devices to many computers , Such as a laser printer, and a data show through this network.

It also has the ability to transfer data to other networked devices, without the need to transfer data via CD and Flash memory, thus reducing time during the transfer process, as well as providing little effort, and can be placed in a file known as The database is frequently used to connect media organizations, which place files within a date and name, for easy reference when needed, which is known as data management.

Internet connectivity, which is one of the things affecting technology development, is connected to users from all over the world, making the world look like a small village, and users can access infinitesimal information and talk to people in places Different through them.

It also made it easier for new graduates and job seekers to send CVs to different companies inside and outside the country, and to conduct interviews through these networks, without having to go to buy newspapers, to see advertisements and then go to the company headquarters for the interview. Many people have saved money, effort, but need to connect to the Internet first.

It has also contributed to file sharing as data can be easily shared between different users, or accessed remotely if it is retained on other geographically distant devices, increasing storage capacity: access to files and multimedia, such as: images, music stored on other devices Within the network and this provides a lot of storage space on a lot of devices because of the required files on one machine only.