Benefits of lemon water

Lemon drinking with water regularly helps to reduce the acidity of the body. This acidity occurs in many conditions, such as arthritis, thus activating the Bruic acid, which inhibits the action of these infections.

It also helps to facilitate digestion, as it works to remove toxins from the digestive system, and is important in many digestive diseases such as burning, bloating, and contains the flavonoids citrus, which helps the process of proper digestion, and share flavonoids with hydrochloric acid in the stomach to break down food .

It also helps in weight loss, as it contains pectin and polyphenols fibers, which help fight hunger and nutrition cravings, and pectin gives the body a feeling of satiety and thus contributed to reducing calories consumed by the fat, fat burning.

It also increases the IQ, which also helps keep the person in charge of the events around, and center, so you can replace the morning coffee with lemon juice and reduce the percentage of caffeine. It is also useful for the skin, as it helps to remove wrinkles and lines, spots, dark circles and love It removes the toxins from the skin, gives the luster due to the skin, as it is considered anti-oxidant, it also contains the collagen that gives your skin strength and works to remove the free radicals that lead to aging.

It is also useful for the heart, nerves and brain; because it contains a large percentage of potassium that contribute to it. Dental pain inhibitor: Contains citric acid. It reduces the erosion of teeth that cause severe pain, removes gum infections, and strengthens the liver. It provides energy to liver enzymes when needed.