Benefits of Yoga

 Yoga exercises have great benefits, including physical health, psychological comfort, and some of these benefits. Some yoga exercises help to burn fat, thus losing weight. Yoga has a great role in relieving anxiety and tension. Human how to meditate.

It also increases flexibility of the body, including the back and shoulders, and significantly reduces back pain. According to recent scientific studies, it has been shown that yoga reduces depression, and helps sleep better; it improves mood and fights insomnia.

It also helps to replenish the body energy and the feeling of recovery and vitality, and activate the organs of the body and circulatory system, and improve the state of the body's internal, and also have a large role in the full body and muscles, and provide the body a large card and make it more balanced.

It also strengthens the muscles and increases the flexibility of the body, and makes the body more flexible and flexible, and increases the sexual energy, and increase the efficiency of breathing, and it reduces the pain of menstruation and symptoms of pre-menstruation, and raises the level of hemoglobin in the blood, From anemia, as well as helps in the treatment of arthritis.