Causes of curvature of legs

There are many reasons behind the appearance of curvature in the legs, including the presence of Blount disease, or known as the large leg of the fern, a curvature that affects this bone below the knee, and worsens the situation with the age of the child when he starts walking on the feet, Symptoms of the disease until puberty, and lead to problems in the knee joint and the rest of the joints of the legs.

The curvature is also caused by rickets, a disease caused by the body's lack of sufficient amounts of vitamin D, which leads to the weakening and weakening of the bones causing them to bow, and also bites due to disease Bajih, a disease related to metabolism in the body, The process of demolition and construction in the bone, producing bones is not as strong as it should, and over time this leads to curvature.

In addition, vitamin D deficiency and lack of exposure to the sun are sufficient to take this vitamin, a vitamin that helps bones absorb calcium and use it for growth and increase. Bone strength.

Because of the presence of diseases in the liver or kidney that affect the concentration of both calcium and vitamin D in the body. Lack of child nutrition and dependence only on milk. It may be a disease of curvature of the legs because the child was accidentally discharged by the doctor at birth, his bones are soft, and the tightening of the parties may hurt the child greatly.