Causes of muscle spasm

There are many reasons that may lead to muscle spasms, the most important of which is the shortage of minerals and minerals in the body or depletion, such as calcium and magnesium is one of the main reasons that may lead to muscle spasms, and lack of access to sufficient blood to the muscles, Narrowing of the femoral arteries, and insufficient blood supply to the arteries due to sleep in the wrong way.

 Muscle spasm also occurs because of continuous muscle stress or pressure on a nerve may increase the possibility of muscle injury convulsions, and also plays an important role in the health of the muscles; The physical effort under the sun's burning may lead to a heavy depletion of sodium chloride by Sweating, it is recommended to drink plenty of water and to eat salty foods to compensate for the salts lost from the body.

  The cold weather also plays a role in the process of spastic muscle contraction, and convulsions may reach the neck and neck, and convulsions are sometimes associated with the nature of the person's work. There are spasms known as spastic cramps or biker spasms, because these occupations require concentration and loading on certain muscles, which may It causes stiffness and cramps in those muscles.