Damage to the chemical scaling of the face

From the damage of peeling on the face, it may contain some types of decidences on one of the chemicals that interact with the skin, and cause allergies and irritability, and therefore inflammation of the skin and itching and symptoms of exposure to skin inflammation due to allergies after several hours or more a bit, accompanied by difficulty swallowing Some respiratory problems, and occasional sneezing.

Allergy may develop into so-called hypersensitivity or hypersensitivity accompanied by low blood pressure, shortness of breath and sometimes loss of consciousness. In this case, the person needs immediate medical attention, and may cause swelling of the throat, tongue, difficulty in breathing, and some fainting and vomiting And nausea.

In addition, it acts as a chemical reaction to the skin, causing burning, swelling, rash, and many other problems, and swelling of the lips, hands, feet and eyelids in some cases, and may affect the face on the face if the skin is dry and cracked, it may increase dryness and cause allergies Its excessive.
Damage to the chemical scaling of the face
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