How to deal with a two-year-old child

There are some ways to deal with a two-year-old child, from whom you must respect the child imitates the child at the age of two parents and he acquires his behavior from the behaviors of parents, so the use of moral phrases such as "thank you" and "allow" when parents talk to their child is part of positive communication, Whether in the home or outside, and in addition to the parents to teach the child in this age the skill of listening well and will gain from them; To achieve this parents only to descend to the level of the child, and look in his eyes and listen to what he says sober, then their child will be interested in his talk and learn to listen The good of them.

The child's anger may also be dealt with as the child's anger seems natural during the child's growth. Parents may notice that their child is frustrated from time to time. When a child learns a new skill, for example, parents should not be hungry or tired during learning; , And parents can avoid the anger of the child when observing his start or address by engaging in a game that raises his attention, or through a book.

The reading has shown the importance of reading to the child, it is a food for his mind; when he hears the voice of one of his parents as he reads to him, it will help his brain to grow and develop, and reading stimulate nerve connections brain, which helps to receive the child for future education; Research the impact of reading on children in the future; where the child who reads the greatest pleasure in receiving education when growing up compared to others.