How to use the compass application in iPhone

First, to enter the application of the compass quickly click on Extras on the screen and press compass and then choose the compass quick action, and to know the site, and to show your current location go to the settings and then privacy and location service and then activate the site service and the compass, and to see your location on the map, Click on the coordinates tab located at the bottom of the screen to open the map and show your location.

Second, you must stay on the path and click on the screen to close it on the specified direction and watch if a red sign indicates that you are out of the direction, and you should know that the accuracy of the compass may be affected by magnetic field or environmental interventions, so that the magnet in the phone may affect the accuracy of the compass .

Third, to show the level, move the screen to the north direction of the compass, and to reach the level of access on the main screen: Click on Extras from the main screen and press compass and then choose the level quick action.

Fourth, hang it straight with the iPhone in front of a frame or anything else and then rotate the device until the green color appears; in order to show the true height, the deviation appears on a black screen; if the screen is red, press the screen to turn it black.

Fifth, match the slope and hold the iPhone device opposite the surface you want to match and then press the screen to capture the slope; the slope you want will appear in black and the red balloon deviation to return to the basic mode may click on the screen