Ways to get rid of facial hair

One of the best ways to get rid of facial hair, mix eggs and flour. This is done by mixing egg whites with a tablespoon of sugar and flour, so that you have a dough with a soft and soft texture and put the dough on your face and leave it to dry completely. And then wash your face well, and you will notice that your face became white and white and free from impurities, repeat this method to get the results you want.

There is also a mixture of onions, and is done by bringing onions, and then take the thin membrane transparent separating the layers of onions, and crush this membrane well, and then squeeze twelve sheets, and continue to crush ingredients so that you have a paste with a soft texture and you Put this paste on your facial skin for one-third of an hour, then wash your face well with soap suitable for your skin and lukewarm water. Repeat this method three times a week, until you pray for the result you want.

 In addition to papaya paste, add a teaspoon of turmeric root powder, mix the ingredients well, and put the mixture on your skin for 45 minutes. Of the mixture using lukewarm water, but be sure to rub your face with a circular motion that is in line with the direction of your facial muscles, while washing.
In addition, mix the turmeric mixture with a half-cup of whole-fat milk and half a cup of ground turmeric. Mix the ingredients well, so that you have a paste of soft, soft texture and put the dough on your face for 25 minutes, Ie, when the dough completely dried. Clean your face well with the paste using lukewarm water; because turmeric gives the skin a yellow color, it is best to use it at night, to get rid of turmeric color in the morning.