Benefits of Hawthorn

There are many benefits of hawthorn, including that it contributes to the treatment of heart failure, where scientific research has shown the effectiveness of some pharmaceutical products of hawthorn herb in the treatment of mild heart failure to the average, and studies have found that this herb improved the ability to exercise after the failure And one of the studies found that taking the extract of Hawthorn herb for two months was effective in relieving the symptoms of the heart to a degree similar to the effectiveness of light doses of the drug prescribed in cases of heart failure.

It also helps to treat anxiety disorders, as some studies have found that eating a product contains hawthorn herb with magnesium, and California eel, which may help in treating minor to moderate anxiety disorders, but this effect needs further scientific research.

Some studies suggest that eating hawthorn reduces chest pain associated with angina, which is caused by low blood flow to the heart. A study of 60 people with angina found that 180 milligrams of hawthorn extract (fruits, leaves and flowers) Blood flow to the heart, and the ability to exercise without chest pain, but this effect needs more scientific research.

Some studies of the ability of the hawthorn herb to lower blood pressure have also been shown, but although there is no direct research to study the effect of this herb on high blood pressure, this effect has been demonstrated in studies carried out for other purposes. For example, in a study of type 2 diabetes , Who also had high blood pressure, and who prescribed prescribed medications from doctors, found that taking 1200 mg of hawthorn extract every day for 16 weeks reduced blood pressure compared to the placebo group, but that effect needed more scientific research To study it and see how effective it is.