Benefits of social networks

The benefits of social networking sites are that they help to convey political ideas in a big and important way, because the social networks are used by political and populist bases in a great way, which helps in bringing together the different political viewpoints and communicating different political views to the general public. That it may take another direction, especially in some societies where the prevalence of ignorance and political illiteracy, turn these benefits to the detriment, which may lead to the misuse of these networks to undermine the flesh of one people.

It is also possible to invest in voluntary work. The pioneering volunteer idea can spread like wildfire and achieve its objectives with ease. This leads to increasing charity in the society, improving the living conditions of the people, improving the different situations that surround the various individuals, Community awareness, through awareness campaigns carried out by concerned parties in countries, or may be carried out by individuals who have suffered for a period of a particular problem, as this increases the awareness of the community of the risks and damages that may be caused by the outbreak of a particular phenomenon.

In addition, it brings celebrities, writers, politicians, artists, religious scholars, and other broad audiences to their liking, and waits for their moment to increase their popularity, communicate with these audiences, and broadcast the ideas they want to broadcast more clearly. And more effective, and can be through which the human reflect all the thoughts in his mind, in the near lack of control of such sites, and in addition to the diversity of ways to express opinions, directions, ideas, it is possible that the person expresses his opinion Writing, drawing, or commenting, or by recording a video, or through means The other multi.