Cons of social media

There are some drawbacks to social media, including fraud or identity theft, where private information on the Internet can be accessed from anyone, and all that is needed is a small amount of information to influence a person's life. Is very damaging, and this risk includes the intrusion and intrusion of personal information.

It also wastes time. Social media, especially Facebook and other widely distributed websites, are most frequently used on the Internet, which in turn increases the number of hours spent on social media, and may interfere with their job responsibilities. , And others.

One of the drawbacks is the invasion of virtual privacy networks, where social networks enable large companies to target people to search for keywords that a person uses while browsing, as well as other data, to provide them with ads that target their needs. Social media significantly to get fewer marks.

It can be common for adolescents and especially youngger children, so parents should pay attention to their web content so that children do not get anyappropriate content. , As it enables social media to increase the risk of children's anxiety and depression, low self-esteem, eating disorders, and even suicide.