How to cleanse the respiratory system

 There are some easy tips that you can apply immediately to keep your lungs in good shape. First, you have to quit smoking. You have to think about the harmful effects of cigarette smoke on the lungs, which has been known for more than 100 years. However, smoking is a deposit of harmful tar that causes lung blockage, not to mention a list of chemicals that a huge book needs to mention. The chemicals in cigarette smoke, such as carbon monoxide, inhibit mechanical lung function and contribute to the development of many Big problems like bulge Lung.

Do you know that peanuts, bananas, and peppers are all foods that promote healthy lung function? Pistachio contains gamma tocopherol, a type of vitamin E that is thought to reduce the risk of lung cancer, a plant of the tongue, popular in Latin American cuisine, is useful and can help treat respiratory problems involving congestion.

In addition, you should minimize the presence of indoor contaminated air. Closed environments can be contaminated with more than 1000 types of mildew and mildew. Petting is also a contaminant in common buildings, especially in individuals who are known for their susceptibility to allergies. To artificial materials, chemical cleaning products, toxic substances, toxic fumes, just make sure the warning list! Try to find your own natural alternatives instead, and as the upholstery, carpet, paint, building materials as well as all common sources are sources of indoor pollution.