How to maintain battery life

 There are many tips to increase the life of the smartphone battery. The most important of these tips is that it helps to reduce the brightness of the screen, and the way the display in the phone greatly reduces the battery life, and can use the automatic brightness that is found in most phones.

It also helps to reduce screen activation time, where the person can reduce the time the screen remains lit after touching it, and can access this option by going to the display options in the mobile phone, and then access to "Screen Timeout", or "Sleep" , Or any option that performs the same purpose.

In order to maintain battery life, some services must be closed. Closing some of the services available on the mobile phone will lead to longer battery life. Examples of these services include Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, GPS and non-vibration. Battery consumption is greater than using regular ringing tones, such as alerting incoming calls.
How to maintain battery life
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