How to Remove Gelebrek from iPhone

 To uninstall the iPhone, follow the steps. Connect the phone to the computer, run the iTunes application, and click on the device icon in the upper-left corner of the screen to open the iPhone's summary screen and make sure that all The files you want to keep - whether movies or music - apply to the iTunes application, because it will be deleted after you finish decoding the Geelbrek.

The files are backed up by pressing the "Back Up Now" button, the settings on the iPhone, pressing the "iCloud" option, clicking on "Find My Device" and disabling this feature until completion Of the initialization process. Go to the iTunes application on the computer, press "Configure iPhone" and press "Restore" on the next screen. This process will take five minutes and the user will have two options: pressing "Set as a new iPhone" up as new iPhone), to return the device to a zero state, that is, before use.

 Press "Restore from this backup" to retrieve all the files and contacts that were on the device. The last step will take a few more minutes to complete, and then the device will be ready to use.