Learn about the most important types of air purifiers

Such as gas-phase air filters, this type works to remove gases and odors, but it is not used in domestic air purifiers; it does not remove many gases (such as carbon monoxide), and the duration of work is a bit short What.

Secondly, ozone generators. These generators usually use ultraviolet light or electric discharge to produce ozone, a gas that can cause serious health problems, such as permanent lung problems, and can lead to asthma. .

Thaaltha is an electrostatic air purifier that attaches electrically charged ionic particles to air pollutants, thus making them heavier and thus falling out of the air. Ionizing devices, which produce negative ions, emit particulate particles into the air with a negative charge and then settle on the surface closest to contact. With it, and thus can be cleared and removed.

There are air filters that use paper, tissue or a network of filters to capture pollutants such as dust and animal fumes. These filters usually need periodic cleaning and replacement, such as high efficiency air filters that have a fan that pulls air through high folded filters The efficiency of particle capture, based on "ForHealthyAir" is one of the most effective types of air purification because it does not produce ozone.

V. Ultraviolet filters that help remove biological contaminants, such as bacteria and mold using ultraviolet light, should be used with devices that use filters to remove particulate matter in addition to biological contaminants of air, these devices are commonly used in hospitals, health care centers, as Became available in residential air conditioning units.