Methods of cleaning the baby's nose


The infant is not able to get rid of the mucus from their small noses. Therefore, the mother must follow some of the appropriate methods to get rid of this mucus. The following is an explanation of some of these, and the solution of water and salt can be used. Salt with their babies to clean their noses. The water and salt solution stimulates the mucous membranes to secrete the mucus and remove the impurities and mucous lumps in the nose through the flow to the outside of the nostrils or through sneezing. The salt solution is used by extending the infant on the back E lift his head forward, then distill in his nose a few drops as shown on the package.

The spherical injection or aspirator can also be used as some mothers call it. The sphincter injects the mucus from the nose by pressing the rubber part of the sphincter to release the air from the sphincter, while still pressing it and inserting the prominent plastic part of it. , While the mother closes the other nostril of the baby with the tip of her finger, and then refill the rubber part of the air by raising the pressure of the fingers, where the air during the withdrawal of mucus from the nose to the injection cavity, and the cleaning of the syringe after each use and sterilization.

 The use of steam baths, where many mothers use the steam bath to clean the noses of infants, especially in cases of cold and cold, because of the useful in the alleviation of the symptoms of cold and infant recovery, and this by exposing the child to the boiling steam or chamomile to help him On the inhalation of the largest amount of them, as the steam helps to accelerate the flow of mucus out of the nose, and can be used to evaporation of children to achieve the same goal.