Methods of feeding children's hair

 Children's hair is affected by many factors, including nutrition and health, and to stimulate hair growth, the child must follow a good diet, and try to get rid of any health problems may be exposed, it is worth mentioning that the hair when growing from the bulb continues to grow for two years to Six years, and then enter the stage called the stage of rest and this stage lasts only about three months, to fall hair after. It should be noted that children with large bulbs have thicker hair, and children with narrow bulbs have a fine hair, and clarify the following points Some Parchment to nourish children's hair:

To nourish hair, it is recommended to eat whole grains instead of products made from white flour, such as white bread and pasta, because whole grains provide vitamin B of all kinds, which helps to regulate the hormones that enter the process of hair growth, the most important of these biotin vitamins, which is important To produce keratin. Whole grains also contain inositol, which helps protect hair follicles.

It is also noted that eating eggs reduces the chance of hair reaching rest because it contains manganese and biotin, which prevent hair loss, It is also rich in amino acid systeine, which is important for the growth of hair.

It is also recommended to eat fruit, yellow and orange vegetables, because it contains vitamin A, which promotes the health of the scalp glands. Eat citrus, dark green vegetables, tomatoes and strawberries, they are rich in vitamin C, which protects the hair from breakage. Poetry.