Of pros and cons tabels

The main advantages of the tablet are that it is small in size and low in weight compared with computers. It also has a touch screen. It also has a large screen surface compared to mobile phone screens. This makes it easy to carry out many tasks that are difficult for mobile phones. Age.

One of the positives is that it is sleek and light in white and silver, and works brilliantly as an e-book reader or periodical magazine (works better than Amazon Kindle reader, fills all the iPhone applications with more than 150,000 applications and a relatively large screen to get the most jobs, In addition, it is easy to download and use applications.

Its disadvantages are larger and heavier than mobile phones, fewer ports supporting external devices such as the printer, worse performance than computers, and the inability to make wireless connections unlike a mobile phone.

Also, it is not scalable by the user, such as increasing RAM space or boosting the processor, unlike desktop computers. This forces the user to buy a new tablet after a few years of use. Safari does not have internal tabs, The iPad has no GPS feature, the screen may be hard to use and there is an application to read e-books, but it will not be a good alternative to newspapers, some say.