Tips encourage children to eat

There are some tips we offer you to help your child eat. It is known that children imitate their parents in everything. It would be good if the father shared his food or sat on the table with the family, so she would be encouraged to eat when the whole family ate , And if he is not encouraged because family members are older than him and see many differences between himself and himself, try to pretend his friends to eat, it is known that when children gather imitate each other.

It is also important to discourage food while feeding your child to taste it and say it is very tasty, or sweet, it will encourage your child to taste it as well. It is better to organize meals, breakfast, lunch and dinner, so Souf accustomed to eating at these times and will feel hungry and ask for food itself, and advised to add two snacks between breakfast and food, between lunch and dinner, and dinner is not heavy. Children have different kinds of food, so do not tire of the same taste, and use several types of vegetables to be more colorful, children love colors, and it is useful if you make food as a game to remind him the color of food you feed him, he will learn colors also, What he likes color.

You can prepare eggs using them, or add vegetables to eggs to increase interest, and there are many ideas to form food by cutting and coordinating in certain ways to form a face Or roses or bears, these are the most ways to make the child excited to eat.

You can also give him an award when eating as a piece of candy, and tell him that you like him more when eating the food you are mining him, will make him happy, it is known the attachment of the child to his mother, but do not weaken and give him sweets if he did not finish, will prefer to eat.