Ways to prolong the hair of children

One of the most important ways to increase the length of hair, you use coconut oil by rubbing the scalp with a little coconut oil at night, covered with a plastic bath cap and leaves the oil overnight. Wash the hair with shampoo for children the next day, and the recipe can be repeated once a week; this oil contains large amounts of vitamins, and minerals that feed hair follicles.
You can also use the oil of the pond, and this is done by rubbing the scalp of the child with oil, and leave the oil on the head for a full night, taking into account covered with a plastic hat and then wash the hair the next day using a shampoo of children, can be repeated once a week, The mixture of oils mixes an equal amount of the oil of the butcher, the water of the watercress seeds, the olive oil, the raspberry oil, the sage oil, the coconut oil and the castor oil. Cover the scalp with a mixture, cover with a plastic bath cap, leave the mixture on the scalp for at least two hours, and wash with baby shampoo.
You can use the cucumber and honey, mixing two tablespoons of sardines, two large tablespoons of honey, two large tablespoons of yeast, plus a mashed cucumber, adding egg yolks to the mix, and coloring the hair. Leave the mixture on the hair for at least an hour, then wash with children's shampoo, and can repeat the recipe once a week.
Olive oil and garlic oil mix an equal amount of olive oil and garlic oil, put the mixture on the scalp, and leave for at least an hour, and wash the scalp with water and shampoo of children, where this mixture to smooth the hair, along with increasing its length.

Ways to prolong the hair of children
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