Ways to teach baby numbers

One of the simplest ways to teach your child is the numbers. First, the simplest way is to use the fingers to teach the numbers from one to ten by playing. The mother plays with her child so she asks him to extend his hands and start counting on his nerves. From him to bend one finger to the inside, and so on the other hand ask him to ask them to bend their fingers inward according to the number he asks; to ascertain the correct word of the numbers, and do not mind to make it repeat the order of numbers after.

Second, the mother has to teach the numbers and they are written, where you can use the playing cards. The child learns the numbers in numerical numbers and after learning them, ask him for example to get out the number five or so and then exchange the roles taking into consideration that the child Here you learn the shape of the figure in English; if you want to teach the Arabic numerals, you only have to make cardboard cards manually and apply the above.

Third, go out with the child to a park or a public garden with a lot of gravel; you can entertain and teach the child at the same time, by collecting a set of gravel and teach the count, and then ask him to be clusters of gravel consists of the numbers you choose, In his teaching, he added that education in the open air helps to lighten the mind and clear the mind and thus respond quickly to education.