Ways to teach the child to enter the bathroom

One of the ways to teach a child to enter the bath first is to explain the issue to the child to teach the child vocabulary that will be used by the mother with him during the training to enter the bathroom, it is necessary to use clear words and real words such as urine or feces, and the mother must tell her child that he will enter the bathroom The child should be taught basic hygiene, such as washing hands thoroughly with soap and water after using the bathroom, as well as washing the body and genitals well, and the mother should prevent the child from drinking any liquids before The Om; because the child can not control urination before the age of three years.

Second, you must buy the necessary tools for training buy a color attractive and beautiful shape of the child, so that the child is trained to sit to spend his need, and there is no objection to the mother to use the fun and play in the training period, so that the child loves it and not afraid of it, They cooperate in this matter. The mother trains the girls and the father trains the males.

Thirdly, the child should be constantly deprived of taking the baby to the bathroom every hour; the mother must constantly inspect him because he may at first forget to tell her that he needs to go to the bathroom and remind her. The mother should take the baby directly to the bathroom when he wakes up and goes to sleep To bed at night.