Benefits of the fig blend with olive oil

One of the most important benefits of figs with olive oil, it helps to reduce the levels of cholesterol, where there are many foods that help with cholesterol, including this mixture, which helps to reduce the proportion of bile acids in the blood, in addition to the fig contains a percentage of pectin A type of soluble fiber that binds cholesterol and helps the body to get rid of it through stool. It also contains phytosterol, an excellent natural alternative to powerful drugs and is included in cholesterol-lowering drugs. Olive oil is rich in antioxidants, more than 40 antioxidants that resist oxidation of harmful cholesterol and increase good cholesterol.

This is because it is rich in soluble fiber that helps to add water to the waste that comes out of the body. The best way to consume dry figs to treat constipation is to soak, especially when soaked with olive oil.

The mixture also helps control blood sugar, although the mixture of figs and olives contains a percentage of sugar, but the total sugar inside is less than the average because it is rich in fiber, which makes it an excellent snack for diabetics. Because it increases the blood sugar in addition to the potassium found in the fig plays a role in promoting the absorption of glucose in the muscle and it causes the lack of sugar in the blood and diabetics can consume 2 of the dried fig fruits soaked in olive oil as a healthy snack.

It also contributes to the treatment of sore throat with the consumption of figs with olive oil. The mixture contains a percentage of phenols. It is known to reduce microbes and act as an anti-inflammatory. It reduces inflammation by inhibiting the production of pathogenic bacteria. Figs also contain mucosal substances that help calm inflammation associated with throat and increase effectiveness when adding honey or glycerol.