Benefits of fig leaves

Figs have great benefits, which helps to fight fig leaf diabetes. Studies have indicated a decrease in blood glucose in mice that took extract from fig leaves. The results of other studies have shown that there is also a decrease in cholesterol levels and an activity of antioxidants that help to combat the oxidative stress caused by diabetes. 

The fruit of figs and dried figs also helps eliminate the side effects of diabetes. They also have antioxidant and inflammatory properties, which help repair the damage caused by diabetes in the body. Fig leaf helps to treat skin cancer. Contains some biologically active compounds that can help fight the damage caused by free molecules, and as a result some studies have used fig leaf to develop phototherapy for certain types of skin cancer.

  In addition, it helps fig leaves to combat the reactive, as some studies indicate that the use of fig leaf extract helps to combat wrinkles and prevent their appearance on the skin. Individuals using creams containing figs or figs have shown a significant reduction in facial wrinkles due to their anti-oxidant activity.