- Benefits of healthy lemon juice:

Of the most important benefits that contains lemon, according to which the body's health, first is lemon antiviral and thus helps protect against colds and flu because it contains vitamin c, as boiled lemon with water and drink warm, plus it is a diuretic, and addresses deficiencies diseases The kidneys break up the gravel and sand, as it kills the bacteria that live in the urinary tract.

 Also lemon juice role in the treatment of arthritis and rheumatism pain, where he is also considered a tranquilizer, as he deals with skin allergies, so drink of and place it watered-down on the place, and is used as an antidote to malaria, cholera, typhoid, and strengthens the walls of blood vessels and arteries to the presence of substance Rutin and vitamin C.

In addition to the lemon juice is used in the treatment of substance abuse such as opium, and works to reduce uterine bleeding, as he lemon works to maintain health and strengthen the body's immunity, add a drop of fresh lemon water and drink it in the morning every day protects and purifies the liver and intestines of toxins.

It also helps to achieve the natural balance of the body and restore your PH. As a result of acidic lemon creates an alkaline environment in Dagel body, it contains lemon on citric acid, which prevents any stones or deposits of calcium in the kidney and gall bladder, and also contains lemon glycosides flavonol that have a significant role in slowing down the cancer and tumor cell growth.

It also kills lemon juice and intestinal worms, regulates lemon blood pressure, lemon is very useful in cases of high blood pressure, and also benefits lemons cases of asthma patients. Relieves symptoms, treats eye disorders, as lemon contains Hesperidine, which helps in solving eye problems, especially in cases of albumin and lack of clarity of vision.