Benefits of Merma Tea for Health

One of the most important benefits of tea is that it contains a high quantity of anti-inflammatory and antioxidant, and inflammation is one of the main causes of the occurrence of many diseases and when combined with stress and oxidation (damage to free radicals), it can contribute to the occurrence of many of the It is considered to be one of the best ways to prevent diseases. The tea is used as an anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant which helps protect the cells from the damage caused by the free radicals and reduces the inflammation.

The tea of ​​Marmia or Marmara contains kerstin, which is an anti-inflammatory and oxidant, which is found in plant pigments and is present in many foods and plants. It is used in the treatment of cardiovascular diseases, including atherosclerosis, as well as for the treatment of high cholesterol, circulatory problems, diabetes, fever, asthma, gout, infections, viral infection, chronic weakness and chronic prostate infection.

In addition, it helps to improve the health of the heart, as one of the benefits of rosemary or sage is that it is excellent for heart health, as the tea contains marmesan cresolirol, a flavond helps to lower blood pressure and improves blood circulation and it works to reduce the levels of bad cholesterol . In a 2012 study at the Faculty of Medicine at Daegu Hany University of Korea, he found that marmalade helps to reduce the incidence of high blood pressure by regulating the secretion hormones of the adrenaline glands.

It also has an active role in the treatment of diabetes, when we test the effectiveness of Merma against both cancer and diabetes, the tea Mirmi has shown the potential therapeutic marked at the beginning of both diseases or development, according to research published in the Journal of Medicine complementary and traditional. And another study carried out in 2013 by the Department of Applied Sciences at the University of Tokyo for Agricultural Sciences, which focused on the effect of the lower two found that there is a great possibility to contain the bottom of the properties of anti-diabetes. This research in addition to other research showed that tea Mirmih is an excellent addition to the diet For diabetics.

It may also prevent cancer, and many doctors have been informed of the effectiveness of the description of kerastin in the form of supplemental food for cancer treatment as it prevents malignant tumors of growth by preventing the process of cell transformation, in addition to the tea Almirmih help the immune system to produce antibodies necessary In order to prevent and cure cancer, allergies and even AIDS.