Benefits of not sleeping in front of television:

Sleeping in front of the television leads to a better sleep. We realize that the temptation of the screen is very strong and may prevent you from sleeping at night, especially when you feel tired because the presence of television in the bedroom makes us wake up late at night. The night will interrupt your sleep cycle so you need to take the TV out of the room to get a better sleep quality and become more productive.

It also helps to prioritize, sometimes when you watch TV before bed makes you not think about the problems and things you are going through and perhaps ignore them but you need to prioritize when you give up watching television Your morning thoughts will be full of important things that need to be done.

It also helps children to study
When you can take the TV out of the bedroom, you can help your children to study and take the tests with confidence because you increase their concentration in the subjects they receive. The presence of television in the room can be linked to increased weight and an increased risk of smoking.

Strengthen marital relationship: When you give up the presence of television in the bedroom will allow this, to make more conversation between the couple and can be intimate conversations and more powerful during the few hours of the day instead of watching television. That could be enough to get the TV out of the bedroom.