Features and damage to Bluetooth headsets

 There are advantages and disadvantages to the use of Bluetooth headsets. First, we will recognize its advantages. It has its own wireless network. It is built with complex algorithms to ensure that it sends and receives waves between the phone and the speakers only, and it is possible to connect more than one device with the same speakers but without connecting the devices to each other.

It is also important to note that a passcode is required for the pairing between the phone and the Bluetooth handsets. It requires a small amount of power to operate, because of the nature of the signal and its presence in the short range around the phone is about 164 feet, making the battery life long before recharging.

  It also features noise canceling technology, providing greater clarity and clarity in sound, high-quality audio signals and modern technology that eliminates noise by transmitting sound waves to the eardrum directly without dropping them and losing them in the audio channel. The price is as affordable as any new model, unlike traditional handsets that stay the same, and can be connected to any device that supports Bluetooth, regardless of its type and version.

Two seconds we will talk about Bluetooth earphones and the damage of the Bluetooth headset, it is different Bluetooth technology available in modern day Bluetooth technology that prevailed in years ago, and at this stage there is no consensus on the negative impact of radiation from smart phones on health, but While some Bluetooth headsets have a maximum power limit of 1 megawatts, most smartphones have a capacity of 1,000 megawatts or 2,000 megawatts when using 3G or 4G services. Bluetooth Headsets for Is not completely safe but its use is better than direct exposure to radiation from smart phones.

It also affects the human auditory nerve. One study examined the effect of Bluetooth headsets and the electromagnetic field of the mobile phone on the auditory nerve. No short-term effects of electromagnetic fields from the Bluetooth headset were found on the auditory nerve structures. The mobile phone has affected it, and concludes that the electromagnetic fields that emanate from the Bluetooth headset do not have any significant impact on the auditory cochlear nerve such as those issued by the phone used in the study.