General methods of cleaning burnt pots

 To clean the burnt pots, the boiling water should be poured first to cover the entire burned area. Even if the sides of the vessels are also burned, they should be immersed in boiling water. The liquid can be added to the boiling water and left for at least one hour. Dispose of it when the water is removed from the vessel, which in turn facilitates the cleaning process.

The cleaning process should be followed by using one of the recommended products for the type of vessel. If some stubborn stains remain, the water can be used with baking soda, where a paste is formed and placed on the burned areas, and then kept for an hour to two hours. Soda to remove the effects of scorched spots very well, and should avoid the use of soda on the surfaces of non-adhesive and surfaces Teflon and aluminum because of the effects of abrasive and scum.

A soft sponge should be used for cleaning, rubbing and not using the metal wire, especially for stainless steel, which is considered the first enemy. It can be the final solution to remove stubborn stains if the previous steps do not succeed. Finally, the vessels are rinsed with water as usual to remove any other traces. Vinegar can be used in the case of stubborn spots, because of its acidic properties that help to corrode burned remains.

You can also use lime powder with vinegar and put it on stubborn spots, by sprinkling the powder on the pots, and then add a few drops of vinegar, and then wait ten minutes after the gases appear to dislodge the vessels quickly until the effects disappear, despite the effects of vinegar and soda known in Remove stains, which are preferred by some people, but soon turns the mixture into a water-like (neutral) and becomes useless.

It can also be used with hydrogen peroxide to form a paste of them and placed on the vessels burned and rubbed with a piece of sponge, but this method was effective only in the case of sugar burned and attached to the bottom, and did not show the result effectively other conditions.