How to adjust the frequency settings

One of the most important ways that will help you to set the router settings first, we enter into our browser, and write in the search box number, and we direct these numbers to access the main page in the settings of the settings of the router; where we find in the middle a rectangle through which we can enter To the settings of the router, which shows (User name) .... (admin), and the secret code number, we write the word admin as it is in the user name exactly if we have not changed the login data for the settings of the router previously, and then click the Log in command in the The blue box at the bottom of the page.

And then enter the settings of the router, we find a number of important tabs including: home page, SMS messages from the network problem, and the Internet settings, and others. We choose the "Maintenance" option to access the internal network settings, such as: System Information: WLAN Informatio, network information, wireless network information. It is best not to tamper with this data, as this may corrupt system files, And can be retrieved only through a technical expert, or through the telecommunications company itself.

Then we enter the account management option, which enables us to access the router settings, which we previously entered as admin. We turn to the rest of the options before us: Device Management. System loges. Tools. All these options contain information about the management and control of the Internet feeder network on the router, and any change in it will result in a change in network strength and stability.