How to be a successful programmer

A successful programmer must have these qualities: first, the organization of the need to be able to arrange details, and the organizational capacity of information. Jonathan Raza, senior director of emerging technologies at Liaison Technologies, explained the need to pay close attention to details of computer programming , Because any small error in them, causes the serial effect, so care must be taken to arrange things, to find convenience while writing code, create software, because the software requires a logical series of inputs and procedures to produce output and result.

Second, the development of specialization, where the founder and developer Reversion Alex Markov recommends specialization and focus on a small segment of technology, such as database management, keeping up with this discipline, learning it well, learning everything about it. "If a person struggles to choose a computer language, (Everyone needs to know different languages ​​with time until he becomes a professor of programming, but it is best and most useful to focus on a particular discipline and creativity in it).

Third, you have the patience, when repairing programs and programming, encrypting problem solving, and customer service, all need a lot of time and effort, and a lot of patience, because the programmer may face many problems, so the computer programmer must be patient, The value for any programmer, nor should the programmer be nervous or from people who can not afford to work pressure.

Step 4: Step by step Take care to start from the small steps, make sure that it works well, and then make sure that the programming is successful, because the many steps of programming to find a myriad of errors, so it is preferable to start from the simple steps and then gradually add to it gradually, The best way to find out the cause of the error is if it occurs, so it is because the code that was added is new, and you can work on it and fix it immediately.