How to clean the eyes of gas

There are household ways to clean the eyes of gas, including the baking soda. Soda bicarbonate can be used to clean the eyes of gas by placing a quantity of water in a bowl and adding a little baking soda to the mixture. Leave the mixture aside for thirty minutes. Place the amount of it on the sponge, rubbing the gas eyes out. Leave the mixture on for a few minutes., Rub well again and wash it with water.

You can also mix a large spoon of baking soda with a tablespoon of salt, a large spoon of water, and mix until the paste is formed with appropriate strength, and placed on the eyes of gas and left until the disposal of the suspended dirt, can also be used Ammonia Ammonia is used to clean the eyes of gas for To remove the eyes from the gas, place the pieces in a plastic bag that can be closed with a quarter cup of ammonia, tightly close the bag and leave it for a full night, and to ensure that the ammonia vapor does not leak from the bag. Ammonia will dissolve dirt and suspended fats.

Sponges and soap can be cleaned in the morning. Note: Do not use any type of candidiasis with ammonia, because it will cause toxic chemical reaction. Olive oil Olive oil or vegetable oil is a good solution to clean the eyes of gas, adding a little of one of this oil to the eyes of gas, and using a cloth, rubbing the oil on the eyes of gas, and then spray the cleaner on the dirt, and rub well to clean.

White vinegar can be used to mix a cup of white vinegar with two cups of water, spray the eyes of gas and wipe them, because this helps to disassemble the fat and remove the accumulated dirt, and then rub it with sponge well.