How to remove frankincense from clothes

One of the most important ways to remove gum from clothes, first there is a method of freezing if chewing gum chewing clothes, the best way to get rid of is to dissolve the piece of chewing gum and then put in a plastic bag in the freezer, this method will facilitate the process, and after a few hours graduated piece of clothing from the freezer , Rubbing with a non-sharp kitchen knife, or using the edge of a credit card. After rubbing the gum, mix an equal amount of liquid dishwashing liquid and distilled white vinegar to rub the gum-shaped spot. Leave it until the cloth is washed and then washed as usual.

The lemon juice method is also one of the easiest ways to remove gum from clothes. It does not cause damage to clothing. In addition to being inexpensive, all you have to do is to soak the piece of lemon juice and rub it. Using a sharp edge, take care to wash the clothing piece as soon as possible after placing the lemon juice on it.

There is also a way of ice cubes. Place a cube of ice on the piece of gum and put another one under it directly under the cloth, then leave for 30 minutes. When the piece of gum is cool, remove the ice cubes, then the cloth is placed on a flat surface. And then clean the area where the gum was placed by placing soap, or cleaning it, and then washing it as usual.