How to remove rust from clothing

One of the most important ways to remove the rust of clothing, lemon and salt, where rust stains can be removed from the clothes using lemon and salt by sprinkling some salt on the rust spot, add fresh lemon juice on the spot of rust and salt, and spread the piece of clothing in the sun to dry , And it is recommended to test the lemon and salt on the spot is not visible when placed on the white or made of natural materials, to make sure that the color will not fade, or darkened color before putting it on the spot visible.

Secondly, the vinegar should be used, as the person should try to clean the rust spot quickly, because it reduces the damage done to the clothes, and the vinegar can be used to get rid of the rust. . Turbinate with a clean white towel, or a piece of sponge on the rust spot until the red color absorbs the resulting rust from rust.

The piece of clothing is placed directly under the sun, where the spot will continue to fade. Wash the clothes as usual with a good quality wash cleaner. It is recommended to follow the manufacturer's instructions, wash as recommended the product label, leave it to dry, and repeat the steps from step 2 to last if the spot does not disappear.

It is also recommended to use liquid and mild dishwashing soap to get rid of rust stains on clothing by mixing a quarter teaspoon of mild liquid dish soap into a glass of warm water. Moisturize the stain with a clean cloth or a clean paper towel, then rinse with cold water, and repeat the process until the entire spot disappears. , Or even return the fabric as much as possible.

Ammonia, or ammonia, can be mixed with four tablespoons of ammonia in four cups of warm water, then placed on the spot, and brought with a paper towel, a cloth on the rust spot, and finally rinsing the spot with cold water. , Can boil about two liters of water with six teaspoons of tartar cream, soak the clothes on which there is a rust spot in this hot solution for an hour, or two hours.