How to strengthen the Internet signal

One of the most important ways to strengthen the Internet signal, first put the router in place for a strong Internet signal, it is necessary to place the router in an open place away from the walls and other obstacles, and placed in a high place on a table or surface It is also preferred to place it in the center of the house to distribute coverage all around it, and it can be installed on the wall with antennas pointing vertically.

Second, you can replace the antenna, where it is recommended to install a moving external antenna on the router that has built-in antennas, which strengthens the Internet signal in a certain direction, by directing the external antenna towards the place with a weak signal.

Third, the repeater can be used as the repeater is ideal for large homes or offices that the Wi-Fi signal can not cover. The wireless repeater picks up the Internet signal from the router and re-broadcasts it, creating another Wi-Fi network in place.

Fourth, determine the number of connected devices The Internet can be speeded up and strengthened by reducing the number of devices connected to the Wi-Fi network. This can be done by creating a router access list by specifying the MAC addresses that can be connected to the router.

Another way is to place the router in a remote location, because it reflects the Wi-Fi signal. Keep the router away from the microwave and wireless devices, so that there is no interference in the signal. Change device security settings from WEP to WPA / WPA2, to increase security and prevent hackers from breaking through the network.