Learn about the benefits of green juices

Green juices have many health benefits, and most importantly, it makes the body alkaline, as the acidic diet causes a range of health problems of the body, but fruits and vegetables restore the pH of the body (pH), which promotes the health of the body, and You can prepare green juice with alkaline water for maximum benefit.

In addition, it facilitates the process of digestion. When mixed and mixed together, the plant components become easy to absorb and digest in the body. This makes the body get more nutritional benefit than chewing the raw vegetables. It also provides all the fibers that keep the digestive system smooth.

It may be hard to imagine the taste of the green drink because it contains many ingredients, but the presence of 60% of the fruit with 40% of the vegetables make the flavor and taste of the fruit is predominant on the taste of vegetables. When mixed, you'll find it tastes delicious

Healthy cooking can take a lot of time and effort. Cutting green salad ingredients can take time. You can get healthy food by hitting all the ingredients in the blender and preparing your green juice.

It also removes you from the use of unnecessary ingredients, and when cooking healthy food and vegetables may have to add a lot of spices and oils to improve flavor, but when preparing the juice of green all you need is fruit, vegetables and snow and you can also add milk.