Learn about the benefits of strawberries

One of the most important benefits of strawberries is that it helps reduce distraction and thus effectively strengthens memory. Reduce the various diseases that affect the body, especially in the winter, and it helps to prevent strokes, and the reason to contain antioxidants. Cancer prevention, due to the containment of anti-oxidants.

Plus it's used to regulate blood pressure, due to its containment of potassium. Limit constipation, due to the containment of large amounts of fiber. Reduces the risk of asthma, helps regulate blood sugar, improves mood, reduces depression, keeps pregnant women healthy and helps the nervous system grow.

 In addition, it increases the immunity of the body especially for children, helps to whiten the teeth effectively, and reduce the excess weight, because it contains a low percentage of calories. Reduce the risk of kidney stones, and treat gout, and it reduces inflammation of the gums, and rid the body of toxins accumulated inside, and reduce the proportion of fat in the body.

 It can also be used by placing two tablespoons of mashed strawberries, a large tablespoon of milk in a bowl, mixing well, then putting the mixture on the skin for ten minutes, and then washing the skin It can be used by placing a teaspoon of honey, a quarter cup of liquid cream, a large tablespoon of mashed strawberries in a bowl and mixing well, then put the mixture on the skin for twenty minutes, and then wash the skin well.